Shawn Burgess Author


Urban Fantasy

When tragedy befalls the Caldwell family in Memphis, Elizabeth, and her fifteen-year-old son Cody, are forced to move to an inherited house in the small mountain town of Copper Ridge in East Tennessee. Elizabeth has always known Cody to be different from other kids, but the rapid deterioration of his health, coupled with unexplained phenomena are pushing her to the brink. After a rough start, Cody settles into his new surroundings once he meets Macy Meadows, a beautiful young girl in his same grade. As the pair become closer, strange miracles abound in Copper Ridge and its two neighboring towns, Covenant Point and Eagerton. Is it the work of the new charismatic Pentecostal Preacher, or is something bigger at work? As Cody begins to make sense of the strange happenings, he’s faced with an impossible decision, choosing between his mother’s happiness and his new friend, Macy.