Shawn Burgess Author

Tears of Grief Hollow

Paranormal Thriller

When a young autistic girl goes missing in the small Appalachian town of Harper Pass, Brooks Raker and his friends get inadvertently drawn into the police investigation. But as the town suffers a mysterious death, more kids disappear and the boys experience a series of unsettling phenomena, it becomes clear that the fate of their missing classmate, Margo Combs, pales in comparison to what lies in wait in the margins of the town.

Whether running from the pride of bullies stalking them or from the lethal darkness encroaching, the walls of Harper Pass are quickly closing around Brooks Raker and his friends. The boys soon realize their fates are inextricably bound and if they have any hope of surviving, they must unravel the dark secrets of Harper Pass before those secrets devour them.

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