Shawn Burgess Author

The Tear Collector: Ghosts of Grief Hollow

Paranormal Thriller

Reeling from a string of brutal summer murders, Brooks Raker and his friends soon realize their nightmare is far from over and that the evil they thought they vanquished remains as unburied as their dead friends.

Confronted with the unsettling return of Margo Combs who may’ve become a host body for something far more sinister, talk of a mysterious Lady Zuuva, and sightings of a scarred stranger in town, the Markland X Crew is bracing for horrors that will test loyalties and their will to survive. Even old alliances might not save them as Detective Holt is consumed with his own set of problems.

Assuming the mantle of interim Police Chief, Detective Holt attempts to leave the tragic events of the summer behind, but an unusual disappearance, a missing officer, strange happenings in Grief Hollow, and a horrifying discovery threaten to draw him back into the darkness.

Detective Holt must follow the trail of evidence to understand what he’s up against, but time grows short, and some secrets have the capacity to kill. Can he confront the growing evil before it overtakes the town or is it already too late?