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DM Shepard Reviews The Tear Collector

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DM Shepard gives a thought-provoking review of Shawn Burgess’ upcoming Adult Fiction, Paranormal Thriller-Horror Novel, The Tear Collector.

“The parallels we find between fiction and real-life at times can be ironic and unsettling at the same time. Shawn Burgess’s The Tear Collector is paranormal thriller/horror novel about a group of boys in a small town who are trying to help the police find their missing classmate, Margo Combs. She’s an autistic girl who has gone missing in the woods. As the clues come unraveled and bodies pile up, they realize that Grief Hollow is more than just a name.”

She goes on to say, “I have mentioned it in other reviews. I hate the question, “what is this story like?” or “What author is this writing like?” But I do have to admit the theme and style in this story reminded me greatly of two stories by Stephen King: IT and the Body (better known as the movie Stand by Me). It also kind of reminded me of a mash-up of the Monster Squad and the Sandlot. Shawn uses the themes of camaraderie and support as the boys of the Markland X Crew are forced to band together to unravel the mystery of Grief Hollow or suffer the same fate as their classmates.”

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The Tear Collector – Coming This Fall